2004/2005 Newsletters

The Fortunate Families newsletter is published 8 to 10 times yearly. It includes up-to-date news concerning lesbian and gay Catholics and their parents, thought-provoking articles, stories from parents and others, and a calendar of events.

We welcome your comments, and especially your hope-filled stories! Newsletters are available as Adobe Acrobat documents.

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December 2005

  • The “Instruction”
  • Your Comments on the “Instruction”
  • Musings
  • Is there any good news?
  • Prayer service
  • Parents and allies reflecting God’s love
  • My twin lesbian daughters

November 2005

  • How do you feel about gay priests?
  • Bishop Thomas Gumbleton homily excerpt
  • Along the Way: Rumors can be misleading
  • Publications
  • Proud to be celibate, gay priest
  • Len Szumiloski Memorial Resource Fund
  • Wheaton Franciscans grant
  • Update 2 — Minnesota Catholic Parents’ Declaration
  • Welcome: 2005 NACDLGM Conference

October 2005

  • Feedback on legalizing same-sex marriage
  • NACDLGM press release on gay seminarians
  • 2005 NACDLGM Conference
  • Publications
  • Catholic parents set hierarchy straight on gay children
  • Update on Minnesota Catholic Parents’ Declaration
  • In Memoriam – Len Szumiloski
  • Sapphic swans: Now that’s intelligent design!

August 2005

  • Should same-sex marriage be legal?
  • Minnesota Catholic Parents Declaration
  • Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on the approval of Bill C-38 (same-sex marriage)
  • Changing public policy about marriage benefits
  • Discrimination is immoral. Enough said.
  • Ann Frank and Me

July 2005

  • Fortunate Families web site makeover
  • “Church is home to all people of God” by Bp. Terry Steib
  • “How dangerous is Benedict?”
  • Responses to Spain’s legalization of same-sex marriage
  • A pitcher and his two moms

May 2005

  • Fears, Hopes, Strategies
  • A Story of Trust
  • Words compared to actions
  • New Ways Ministry Bridge Building Award
  • New Ways Ministry Conference Day
  • Northwest Catholic Women’s Convocation

March 2005

  • Answer the question!
  • Should homosexuals remain in the Catholic Church?
  • New Ways Ministry Conference Day and Bridge Building Award
  • Time for parents to come out, too
  • Catholic Church can overcome fear of GLBT people
  • The light has been passed
  • Resources – written
  • Comings and goings

January 2005

  • “Where can I go for support?”
  • Bishop Gene Robinson Concerning Gay Civil Rights in New England
  • Fortunate Families Can Change the World!
  • New Ways Ministry Conference Day and Bridge Building award
  • Resource groups
  • Resources – written

December 2004

  • “Moral Values”
  • Day of Reflection for Parents of Gay Sons and Lesbian Daughters
  • Fortunate Families – the organization
  • Catholic parents as “secret weapons”
  • Advent Reflection
  • New Ways Ministry Conference Day and Bridge Building award
  • Letter to the Editor – Syracuse
  • Letter to the Editor – Detroit
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